When the brewery goes up in flames

Date: 5/26/2017

By weaselpuppy

I was working at a brewery on the top floor of a building, the 7th floor, when some how all the alcohol lit on fire. It was a burning mess and me and the other aprentice, who was a boy about my age, I dont know him I the real world, where told by the burly man in charge to take the elevator to the basement to warn the bar, I guess it was a speakeasy because everything about this dream seamed old, I was a 14? year old girl wearing pants and a blouse working in a brewery which is strange for the time period. anyway we took the elevator and I was so panicked that I presed the elevator button wrong, there was only one button it was large and red and to get to the floor you wanted you had to press the button a different way. I presed it wrong and we only went one floor down instead of 8. we where both panicking and I just slapped the button because we where running out of time and it was a miracle it worked. in the basement we yelled at all the people in the speakeasy to get out because there was a fire and they denied it they where so stubborn and we try ed to convince them but then the bar lights on fire and these people were so drunk they refused to leave they thought there was no fire so we went back to the elevator and just as the doors closed they realized that the fire was there and consuming everything. there was nothing we could do to save them so we just traveled back up to the main floor and the smoke was overwhelming us. I felt so bad because no one survived except us that we went back to try to save people but there was no one to save so we struggled out of the building. once out we saw that everyone had survived and I was crying everyone was apologizing because they didn't liston to us. this one lady was hugging me to and I asked her how they all got out of the building. they seemed reluctant to tell us. then I woke up.