My Old House Remodeled into a DC Heroes Store

Date: 8/1/2017

By toxxicduck

In my dream I was walking up the old street I used to live on for unknown reasons and was passing by my old house. Next door is a tiny convenient store irl and in the dream it was being remodeled. It was paneled black and painted a pale pinkish-white and had an archway thing that extended over the sidewalk, and the sidewalk was much wider now. It was very chic. I walked passed the area multiple times and each time, it was looking more and more swanky and awesome. It also alternated between walking west during the daytime and east during the nighttime. One time it was still under construction and had doorways but no doors, and I decided to walk through the doors and around the lot just for fun. I thought "no one will care if lil old me goes on a construction site because I am so good and nice" because evidently the whole world already knows my good character. Irl this spot is very ghetto but in the dream is was becoming like a tiny boutique strip mall type thing. Eventually the shop took over the parking lot between it and the old house AND the house, so it was three lots long. I felt really bummed about the house being gone, even though it was a crappy house. I walked over to the spot where my old bedroom used to be to see if some of my belongings were there (because the owners/builders would totally just leave it all there), but there was nothing. I came home and told Mom about the remodeling (she doesn't even live with us anymore) and she wanted to have us go check out the grand opening. We drove over and parked in the parking lot that had returned. The shop was still huge but the house and the parking lot were there again (memories forcing their way back in). We went over to the front of the place and into a store. It had multiple shops all facing toward the main road. The one we went in was DC themed. I saw the Flash t-shirts on display, and I could see the dark blue and bright green of Batman and the Green Lantern, etc. I thought it was so awesome they built a DC store right next to my old house that I ran outside to take a picture. The store was directly next to the old house now, so close I could get them in the same picture. I held my phone up and could vividly see the image in my phone screen, like way more clearer than the rest of the dream and the sunshine glared as if I was wearing glasses (maybe because I'm supposed to wear glasses irl but never do and I am nearsighted and the Dream remembered how to not be blind? Lol). The sign over the shop clearly had the Disney logo on it, but otherwise it was like reading Simlish. When I took the picture I woke up. I just remembered another weird part of the dream. I was at the construction site with my old friend Betsy. The ground was all dug up and there were rocks and pipes half buried about. I was excitedly talking to Betsy about stuff and it felt like we were little kids again, digging around in the dirt. I noticed one of the rocks was moving. I went to investigate and found a dung beetle moving the rock around. I found it overly interesting and yelled for Betsy to come check it out. Then all of the sudden there were bugs everywhere in the dirt, like EVERYWHERE. Centipedes, beetles, etc, everywhere. I was not horrified by this, mostly just super intrigued. There was also a huge horned beetle that was the size of a cat with the pattern of the dirt on the ground for camouflage. I don't know what happened but suddenly the huge beetle was dead and in pieces. Its shell was on the ground like a giant bowl and entrails were everywhere. There was one piece that looked like a muscle with little black strings on it, and for some reason I shoved it in my mouth! It was pretty disturbing, no wonder it was repressed until now. I shoved the entire thing down my throat without chewing or anything. It was like more than a foot long and thick (I know exactly what Freud would think 😆) but I didn't choke or freak myself out. Instead I became slightly lucid and thought "okay, this needs to stop" and the dream moved on to the next part.