the weird campingtrip

Date: 1/22/2017

By Tjika

In the first part if the dream I was in the swimming pool with friends and I could breathe under water, which I thought was normal, even though I wasn't surprised my friends couldn't do it. In the second part I was on holiday, camping with my patents and brothers. While they were setting up our tent I was playing with our cat which happened to be there too. He'd followed us there it had not been our plan to take him, but I was happy he was there. Our cat always follows you in reality too so in my dream he was running along with me while I was running over the campsite. We entered a forest and saw a scout guy there with a few little boys. They were just playing in the forest as well. There was a sign that said they shouldn't cross the fence that was there, but he thought that was stupid so he did it anyway. He stepped on a landmine and I ran away. I heard it explode, but never saw what happened exactly. I then heard from other people thew was a part of this island (we were apparently camping on an island) where a lot of strange people had taken over the island. These people were apparently rather violent, but I shouldn't get involved according to them, because it was like extra content (so now it was a game) and I hadn't even completed the main storyline yet, although I'm still not sure what the main storyline was. I picked up my cat as I ran through a river at some point. I thought this would lead away from the strange area, since I had just accidently ended up in there (not sure how). I climbed over a lot of fences only to actually end up in the strange area. I was still holding my cat as I walked down strange paths with colourfull but abandoned houses and a lot of stairs. Then I saw people coming down the stairs and then everywhere else carrying guns and people walking in front of the armed people who were clearly being abducted for some reason. They looked at me if I was crazy though and no one wanted me there apparently, so I ran. I ran into guys with guns though. Now that they had spotted me they started shooting at me. I got hit a few times, but it just went of the health bar and my cat was fine. I ran a lot more and saw another fence which I climbed in the hopes of it being my way out. My cat had fallen asleep in the meantime. It took some effort holding him while climbing the fence, but I did it. When climbing the last fence and sitting on it like some assassins creed guy I saw the scout again and the kids (as if I'd gone back in time). Apparently some kids also got killed by landmines along with the scout but I ran away before I could see it happen. Then I woke up.