Rainbow Gas Nightmare

Date: 8/3/2017

By Battastic

This is a dream from when I was about 12-13. Basically my dad took me into this forest and we found a metal fence that circled around this pit. There was gas in the put that was the color of rainbow sorbet, the orange, yellow and green kind. We watched a squirrel wander into the gas then wander out with sharp teeth and evil eyes. We kept walking until we found a boardwalk sort of thing that went over the gas and lead to a house. We walked towards the house and met a group of people standing outside. There were two other kids, an older lady, and her pet monkey. Suddenly, the older lady transformed into a witch and began floating. The witch lady told us she was evil and made the gas. She then opened her mouth which became perfectly circular and had rows and rows of teeth, sort of similar to a lampray's mouth. She tossed the small monkey into her mouth and shredded him to pieces and blood got everywhere. I woke up very scared to my dad being the only one home. Later that day he ended up taking me to the forest that was in my dream, except it looked very different + there was not rainbow gas.