Water Driveway

Date: 5/31/2019

By -Frelsun-

We rolled smoothly across the pavement, so smoothly I hardly noticed when we transitioned onto the water driveway. It had been so long since I last saw the Dunkins, and finally we were reunited! This vacation was at their house, though the property belonged also to me and my dad Christoph, who's childhood house this new structure was modeled from. Our purring car magically drove over the pool leading up to the house, leaving not a ripple in it's path. The pool we drove on was familiar to me, though I hadn't been here since childhood, and memories filled me with excitedness. As the car stopped, I hopped out of shotgun side, landing up to my knees in the crystal clean water. I looked down to notice that I was wearing white converse shoes, Sophia's converse. I must have lost mine at the airport or something. Undeterred, Sophia, who had been in the seat right behind me, and I ran around the car to get inside, where the feeling of home intensified warmly. I knew that downstairs, forwards down the hall were the many bedrooms and guest rooms we owned, and here at the entrance was the kitchen. I turned around slowly after we had settled down, feeling the presence of another friend, hiding. Laughing in her classic guinea pig fashion, Nicole emerged from behind a blockade. Evidently, the Baileys would also be staying with us tonight. I was told Mikella would arrive later that evening as well. This was the same vacation house I had visited so many times before, in different dreams, at different times. I was very excited to be again spending time with Lily and Sophia, for their absence had left me confused for a time. Now I was glad to be with them again.