AI and Live Action play app

Date: 4/4/2017

By richilye

I was in the 1st living room of my house, something happened and I was supposed to select a type of A.I for something, there was from an early A.I to the newest and improved A.I... Dog woke me up... Fell asleep again. ----- I was at my room using my cellphone, I had an app that let you choose a scene or episode from series or anything to play in real life. I don't remember the name, or how I should call it. I waa browsing some scenarios until I found something about Sengoku Basara with something else, it was an open play. I activated it, I went out of my room and wanted to play as "Cirno" which isn't from Sengoku Basara but from Touhou. I went outside looking for Date Masamune, I then saw him leaving on my dad's bike which is a tricycle , and Youmu (from touhou) was coming from behind and wanting a fight with him, she then grabs the backof the bike and hangs in there while he drives out. I looked at the 2nd floor of my house and thought Daiyousei (from Touhou) was there, so I tried calling her, but I said "daYOUMU" with a weird voice, I wondered why my voice was like that, then decided to look for Ieasu (from sengoku basara) in the back garage. As I started making my way there, a bunch of people started entering my house by tge front gate. They were being leaded by a guy with grey hair and beard, the beard wasn't big, it just went around his face and connected with his hair. one of the guys said he was Dovahkin and didn't talk much, he said that Dovahkin was leadimg them to safety from the dragons. He was walking in circles and jumping while waited for the people to follow him. They stopped at the back garage. Dovahkin then made some weird gestures and went out to fight the dragons. The village people started playing some games to pass the time, I didn't understand very well them. The only one I remember is the last which was a bunch of plastic sacks givem to everyone, and they were inflated with air, the objective was to throw them inside a bucket or giant sack. A little girl won, then they said that the village was safe again and they could return. Then I picked my cellphone and yook a look at the app again, the next session was gonna be Lost or Game of Thrones, the background of the session was just a bunch of green and leaves. I could also see the lines of the people for the play that I had just taken part as well the lines for the upcoming one. I told them what the next session was gonna be, but they ignored me and kept walking away. dream ended.