old dream about politics

Date: 8/6/2017

By crewsock

i had this dream back in february and i thought it was important so i wrote it down in my notes after i woke up. im leaving the spelling errors because i think they're funny: i droce to presidents neighborhood to give him what for about congress and got in trouble ith the govt for trespassing and i got shut down multiple times for starting protest fhen everyone left except me and i had to pee so i went to the bathroom and then someone rang the doorbell to the whotehouse amd the guard answered jt and it was a robot there to destroy life forms and suddenly there was a bee in tbe bathroom with me and the robot came into the house and i hid in the bathroom but he found me because he heard me tryign to avoid the bee and somehow i was the bee and then he found me and attacked me but it was like a video game and i just had to get out of the white house to escape but there was an electric fence around the outisde of the white house and i fighred out how to get out without getting shocked and then i found out the robot was just my brother as he was playing the video game and he was fighting injustice by ridding Washington dc of people. and he was playing the game using his controller which was a ti-nspire calculator. also, when i was protesting i tired to draw a line from the presidents side of the white house to the public side using red paint and justin trudeau was there amd i think he might have been the president and he said he would stop me but he didnt and more people joined in then the army stopped us. also all of the important people of dc (president, vice president, paul ryan, a couple of senators, todd young even though hes not that important, justin trudeau for some reason, and a few others) lived in the same neighborhood (potus and vp still lived in white house and vp's house) but u could just drive through the neighborhood and i did but i felt eerie so i turned around in justin trudeaus driveway and left the neighborhood. i had this dream after i got a letter from todd young because i called him and told him not to confirm betsy devoss for secratary of education then i got a response in an automated letter and he thanked me for calling about obamacare and it pissed me off because hes a terrible person and a terrible senator and his croonies couldn't even get the issue i called about right.