Date: 6/30/2017

By Rigby

Tw: abuse, eating disorder A teen girl in a wheel chair struggles to unlock the door to her house. She's tired. We are seeing the world through her perspective. Her mother comes out. Unlocks the doors for her. She starts sobbing hysterically. Her mother pushes her inside. We find out that the mother is 110 lbs and the daughter is 120. The mother orders the daughter to stop eating. If she finds out the daughter has been eating, she will get beaten. Cut to: a young boy also in a wheelchair, sitting with his large family. It's Christmas, and he got nothing. His mother yells at him, telling him that he should be grateful. He says he is, and thanks her. He and the girl in the wheelchair are together. They are talking in hushed voices. The perspective is from an outside source. Someone is talking to the parents of the boy and the girl. The parents say how much they love their kids. The person leaves. We see the parents order both kids outside. They are both pushed out of their wheelchairs. The boy is forced to stand on his hands and knees. He began silently weeping. The mom has a large object wrapped in a towel. She began beating him on the lower back and thighs. She is using full force, bringing this object down on him. He cries out in pain, and tries to silence himself. The more he cries out, the harder she hits. His back begins bleeding, along with his thighs. He collapses. She continues beating him until she is tired. Then she goes inside. The girl gets a helmet put on her. The mom grabs a metal bar. She began beating the girl's body. She makes sure not to hit the head, so she doesn't leave marks. She continues to beat. The girl begs her to stop, at first trying to defend herself. Soon, she goes limp. Her mother also goes inside. They both lie in the ground, fading in and out of consciousness. From the boys perspective, it all goes black. Cut to: they wake up somewhere, underwater. Something like a submarine. The boy and girl look at each other. An outsider is with them. There are heavy objects weighing the submarine down. They have helmets on. The boy goes silent to the outsider. The outsider says "she always seemed so sweet.. I had no idea. That's why you always were on eggshells." the perspective pans out. Somehow we have the knowledge that they will die down there. Either from suffocating or drowning. I wake up, distressed. The nightmare is over.