Date: 6/12/2017

By thevoidsempress

I was in a van with someone's mom. Someone I supposedly knew but they didn't look familiar to me. We were on the way to a soccer game that Nathan and the people from Advocate were playing, I was going to join the team. Me and said mother were going to surprise everyone with jerseys that we had gotten made for everyone. They were a bright vibrant green. The seat in the back was a bit messed up. her son had to fold the seat over to show the fluffy side and sit on it awkwardly like I was sitting on the arm test awkwardly in the middle. We were on the road and heading to our destination. I don't remember arriving but next thing you know I am standing with him holding hands preparing to go out to the field. As we are walking I see that his ex and my butting rival Angelina is in front of us. I in a Bill Cosby voice say "Hiii" and she looks at me funny. She proceeds to make fun of us to her friends, so I push her to the ground and wrap one hand around her throat. I can feel my grip squeeze tighter and tighter. There was fear in her eyes. I let go after a minute and she says "Think about who is lying to you" Later on she says that a ghost will kill me and that the cards on the table will prove it, but she was wrong and the card was about love and kindness.