Date: 2/5/2017

By dreamer_00

So I was walking in a park with my sister and it's a park I do go to a lot with my family. In the dream, it was still close to Christmas so because of the winter months, it was dark. It was just the two of us in the park as far as we could see but I felt like there were people watching us. I turned around and noticed two people in grey tracksuits were following us. When I told my sister, we started walking faster but then they started running. We tried to run but it felt like running in a swimming pool. They caught up to us - one grabbed me and one got my sister. I could feel and I can still remember exactly where I got stabbed. It was just above my left hip. When I next opened my eyes I was in my room but it didn't look like my room. My sister and I were just sat there still bleeding and the two men were looking at us. For some reason they hated me or something so they kept on stabbing me. Someone ended up saving us and that's when I woke up.