pokemon fun-fair camp

Date: 3/20/2017

By monjanse

they were traveling to the oasen shopingsentre in norway, and the rest of the countries. we could be making lego pokemon. we stayed in a gymnasium and I decided that I should be a 12 year old growing boy. so I was there under the sheets there, in front of one pikachu figure. I lay there in only my underwear. so I was suddenly one of the older men of the guard for the camp, so I locked myself into a hotel room and took my tablet and jerking horny my "littleman" to panting bulldogs on youtube. then I woke up in the country cabin that the grandmother and grandfather who is dead for more than 10 years now, and the cabin is not owned by my family anymore. I was tired when I lay in the upper bunk meadow and saw Ash Ketchum on the wall. on a old boxTV we looked after the camp kids battling Pokemon in the dark as cartoons, because we had forgotten taken them to bed. one of the other of us 4 camp commanders, said we were too late, while I would doze on in front of the Ash Ketchum picture. then suddenly I went traveling and was raped inside a blue and goldsandy lovely mining. they stuck a glass container in my ass against my will, because it would make me get instincts and act on instincts to become a prehuman from stoneages, in appearance and behavior. I saw myself briefly in a red jogging suit and caveman snout. so saw halfcurly-hairy people while I fled in terror to hide in the cave. we enjoyed with the sand that was like a blanket, with stereotype music that could get annoying in the long term.