Ahhh Zombies!

Date: 2/20/2017

By Shanir

Me and my sister were trapped in this house with Zombies we already shoot one zombie! We were so quiet we tiptoed past this room there was still a zombie in there! The house is so white and clean, my sister says we should go around to get out I keep thinking why we are standing in front of the front door! Just go through there! But no she heads up the stairs I run and grab my phone apparently it can detect zombies! But then she screams zombie! We rush back downstairs and quickly dash into a toilet, we lock it and she is holding onto the lock so tight the zombie is crashing past us bashing the door it's so scary but then a child's head pops up and down I say "crouch down it might see us and we are going through the front door next time" .... Then my alarm went off! Dream signs: Content - In a house with zombies