Date: 6/16/2019

By ZanderPander

So my sister went to South Carolina and we wanted her back so I being stupid went down to where I thought it was by walking and laster year I went to South Carolina at a really nice island and thats where I ended up. But I have dejavu and I ended up at a park but it was weird there was a shooting range and parkour I got out if there there was a small room that I went in and a lady was in there and I took her purse and then gave it back after being yelled at and I got out and called mom and told her that I was in South Carolina and did not get yelled at because my aunt Mimi and uncle Luke lived there and they kicked me out for some reason and then she yelled at me saying to come home. I took a different route home and I ended up in the woods! And there a guy who gave me a map. But it said south Carolina was where california was. I just walked up and up and up. Then I saw train tracks leading in the same direction. Then I took the train and ended up in a beautiful city and there were characters from toy story. I got out of the city and met up with RJ and Cecilia and they had a new house and Cecilias room hade rainbow tunnels that I got lost in and a weight room. And after exploring it for a bit I got yelled at by RJ’s mom and said I needed to get home because she had no clue how I got there. I somehow got to my room. I was in a big house in madilynes trailer place and then my mom came in and said the county wants everybody to sell there pop funko charecters to them if they have any. I started crying because I have like 60 something. And then she said something about storing them only 6 though. Then my thought was: store them somewhere where they are not making this law so I called up my dad and he said sure. I was so relieved. And aparently RJ and Cecilia lived close to me because I went to there house and I said when I was on my adventure I ran into a crazily beautiful city and we planned to sneek out that night to go see it!