harry styles the arsonist

Date: 4/24/2017

By catheartic

I was friends with Harry and the other members of One Direction and we all lived on an island. There was a movie series being filmed about them and released one part at a time. 1D released their last song as a group, and it was about how life was in the band. Harry and Liam also released music. The last part of the movie series was released and I just finished watching it, and I told Harry that I thought it was amazing and that I was sad that the band was done. Recently there had been a string of fires on the island where we lived. At this point in time Harry was a police officer, and I found out that he was the one setting the fires but I didn't turn him in because he was my friend. Right after the last movie was released there was a fire in the hotel Harry was staying at, a few floors above his room. He smelled the smoke, called it in to dispatch and started evacuating people from the building. When I found out what happened I went to see him. We were walking through the lower floors of the building and he was saying that no one would suspect him because he was a police officer and he was the one who called it in. I was worried about him but I didn't say anything. After he did what he had to do for the police, we went to the beach near the hotel. We were walking down the trail to the water and there were cops on the street higher up so we had to walk slow so we wouldn't get noticed. There was a cliff above the beach, so Harry jumped off the cliff and landed on the beach below. When he landed he turned into someone else, so the other boy climbed up and walked back up the trail with me. More things happened, and eventually the police started to get suspicious about Harry. They reviewed footage from when he and I were at the beach, and they saw that no one else was at the beach that day and Harry jumped down but someone else came back up. They found Harry with me and arrested him, and while they were discussing the evidence and charges, they arrested me too. I asked why I was in trouble and they said that I knew about the fires but didn't turn Harry in. Even though we were arrested we never went to trial, and Harry and I moved away