not wanting to wake up in my dream

Date: 5/29/2017

By dianalex

i dreamt I was in the master room at my grandparent's and just to let you know, the colour scheme is very warm. it's like peachy, yellow, orange shades. sunlight was filtering in through a large window on the left and the bedsheets were soft and peach coloured. I was sleeping in the middle of the bed and someone (I can't remember who it is anymore. possibly L) is lying on me (LOL) but it was comfortable. I can't explain it. anyway he begins to wake up and wants to go but I put my arms around him and ask him to stay for a while, and he obliges. and everything is really... nice. comfortable. I could feel the warmth of his body pressing against mine, his breath on my shoulder, his hair against my cheek. it was just... contentment. and then we realise J is sitting on the shelves above the head of the bed. she's small so she's just sitting there and I remember thinking she'd judge me but she didn't. she didn't even care lmao and then HLin came in (weird cuz we're not even close) and gave me a tarot card reading after the person I was sleeping with had left