Date: 7/30/2017

By xoe

Driving. The past. A newspaper article about how we are all under attack. Mom drives the bus. Go around a really tight, narrow turn and under a bridge. We made it! Another underpass/ gate. Warning sign: Roads will be French. Don't know what it means, keep going. The bricks in the road ahead are shifting and turning. French means the road moves. Lots of drunk stupid people spilling out of the bars. Really nice old blue green pickup truck. Almost runs into our car. Mean stupid guy with slicked back hair. He is after us. We have to pick up Daniel Cobb and Pat and John at one of these places. Find them with a blond girl. I don't like her. Find John sleeping on a bar bench. Different, worse bad guys are threatening him. We get him out of there, but they follow us. bad guys find us. Fighting in a waiting room on a train. The slicked back guy has a friend with long gray hair. They are menacing us. I ask slick to stop attacking my Mom. His friend turns on him. They fight, we escape. Lost Daniel. Driving on wide boulevard military school. Guys are ripping up light poles. Commander apologizes. We get past these guys somehow. Driving, turn at Putin sign. I don't see him. See him just as we pass. More bad guys. John makes our escape by doing something to the vans engine. Takes more than 4 times to start it. Still don't like the girl. Tell her she is stupid for letting John stay with her. On the train. Bad guys chained at the back. But they are finding ways to get unchained and threaten to rape us with spoons. Train is going straight up. Pat is at back trying to save us. Just in time we break free. But all the cars fall backwards and smash Pat. Then they unfold and Pat is bruised, bloody, dazed, happy. The guys are gone.