Woke Up Downtown

Date: 8/21/2017

By toxxicduck

In my dream I woke up from sleeping at the PSU bookstore in downtown Portland. It was night out and when I looked at my phone I saw it was 7:21pm. I thought "whoa! I slept like 15 hours!" Because irl I went to bed at 4am. I wondered how the heck I ended up at PSU and worried a bit that I might have blacked out and done some crazy stuff. I went out to the front of the store thinking about sending my ex Nainoa an angry message on Instagram. There were a bunch of people sitting on the steps outside and a whole bunch of people standing around the plaza. Just standing there...not doing anything. My old friend from high school, Tori, was there and was walking around talking to people she knew. I went over to talk to her and she acted all awkward, like she didn't want to be talking to me, and she went off to talk to a small blue haired lady. I remained at the top of the stairs, thinking. I kept thinking about sending Nainoa that angry message, but every time I brought my phone up to do that my mind would change to something else. I also wondered if I had gone to my earlier classes or not and should definitely email my professors (even though I don't go to PSU anymore). I also overheard two guys talking about video games saying "horrible graphics! Just horrible graphics!" And then laughing hysterically about it. I looked at them and instantly knew they were Autistic (like me) and contemplated going over and talking to them, but didn't. I decided to just go home. There was no reason for me to be downtown. I headed to the nearest train, but went in the entirely opposite direction of where it is in real life. Instead of going around the corner of the plaza, I went up some dark streets between tall buildings, toward the Willamette. On the way I encountered a duffle bag someone had dropped and it had a bunch of cool looking eyeglasses lying around it. Like a Wild Wasteland encounter in Fallout. It made me realize I wasn't wearing my own glasses and I looked amongst the ones on the grounds to see if mine were there (like that makes sense), but I didn't and just continued up the narrow street. As I walked a fancy yellow convertible Mustang sports car slowly drove by me. It had a black stripe down its center. I saw the driver and he looked just like my friend Alex V (who also happens to be on the spectrum), but it wasn't him I don't think, and I thought "how does a nerd like that get a Mustang." And that's all I remember. I woke up at about 10:30am.