Dipper meets himself, sorta

Date: 1/26/2019

By DreamingDragon

06:57 Dipper from Gravity Falls is in his own mind and sees many interpretations of different parts of himself. One is Einstein, but another is this strange old man who just seems frustratingly annoying. The two are playing chess, many versions of them at many tables all through this place. I am there too. Dipper gets to talk with Einstein for a bit and then we walk outside into a mall of sorts. He isn't satisfied so Mable helps him go into his own brain by shrinking him down and he goes into his ear, but not without wearing a big soft helmet for protection. He finds almost the same thing but gets a better understanding of it. We leave again with Einstein and get to talk a bit then go into a large elevator to return to normal, but that annoying old guy intentionally gets in the way as if to prevent us all from being together and it really pisses me off. Turns out he was just joking and then we four are in the elevator and as it moves Dipper and these two old guys all begin to merge because they are all parts of one being anyway and Dipper forgives the guy for being that way but I am still really pissed off. You don't just mess with people and make them think they are going to lose a friend!