The Monsters

Date: 7/21/2017

By Sofaloafa

I was standing on a bridge overlooking a landscape. I knew I had to defeat Bowser and so I tried looking for his castle. I turned around and off in the distance I saw a scary castle and dark red clouds surrounding it, with fire falling from the sky and just generally looking scary. It was far away, and I was in a group of people who did not want to walk that far. One of them said "If this is the adventure they shouldn't have to make us walk that far." I shrugged and looked around me some more, and I realized that there were four castles for each direction, north, south, east, and west. The scary castle was the east castle, and it turned out that it was not the one I needed to go to. I looked west and south and saw castles that looked like Mario Toad heads, and then i turned north and saw a castle that looked like Princess Peach's castle. I realized Bowser was there, and I had to go there to defeat him. It was a lot closer to, so everyone was happier. I walked to the castle and we saw that there were four monsters I had to defeat before I could fight Bowser. I was scared, because I didn't want to die. The monsters each started out as a human, but when an announcer made an announcement that the next monster would appear, I had thirty seconds to run before the human changed into the monster. The first monster was a good friend of mine. She saw me and her eyes softened. I walked up to her, because the announcer hadn't announced anything yet. We looked each other in the eyes and talked softly for a little. Then the announcer announced the first monster was a lion and that I had thirty second to run. I looked my friend dead in the eyes and grabbed her face and kissed her, passionately. She kissed me back, and it seemed like forever, until we broke apart and she stumbled backward, slowly dissolving into dust. The announcer announced that I had won that match, and that the next monster would appear soon. I waited for a little while, preparing my weapons. Soon the announcer announced the next monster, and I got my hand where my weapons were. The monster soon turned and saw me, running after me. I ran away slightly then drew my sword, and we fought. Eventually I got out my dagger and stabbed it in the chest, watching it dissolve into dust. By now the group of people were pretty confused and scared, so I got them in a group to develop strategy. We talked for a little before someone mentioned that I had done this before. I said that I have done this before and came out as a victor, and everyone was impressed. They elected me to finish off the last two monsters, which I accepted. The announcer said that the next monster would be a wolf, and that I had thirty seconds to run. I found the person that was to turn into the wolf, which was a small child, about one year old. I told the group to get ready and get it, but they all got scared. I had very little time left so I grabbed the child, and it turned into a piece of plastic-like paper, and I twisted it, trying to break it. I told someone to slice it in half, but no one would because they were too scared. I eventually tore it in half, defeating the monster.