Date: 7/26/2017

By katiepainter97

This dream skips around a lot but Night of July 25th I noticed I was headed off to school, but I was back in high school at blessed trinity and nothing seemed to be in place. I was in the drama practice room when everyone looked at me funny and I saw a boy I didn't recognize. He looked like a Rick and Morty character but with humanistic features. He was very lanky and had gray, curly hair with a sinister smirk on his face. He was antagonizing two of my friends and when I threw one of my books at him, he didn't even flinch. That's when one of my other friends came running past me and pepper sprayed him in his eyes as close as he could. He still didn't flinch. We did everything we could to get rid of him. Finally, my friend Remy got so mad at how indestructible he was that she stabbed him. We thought he went into eternal rest, but he left. After witnessing/being a part of that, I had to go to group therapy to "cope with my PTSD". It was an underground organization, but you would think the room would be small for being under the ground. The room was huge with a loft-like ceiling. Industrial sized lights hanging from the ceiling with an awful tint. There were 6 giant round tables with a dark red cloth covering all of them. I had megan accompany me to the lady who ran the organization. She handed me my sticker and I went to the table she assigned me. After the meeting, I went home to get my dog, then went to a dock with my mom. This dock was very high up and attached to another school. The guard rails were rusting, the wood was black, and the dock stretched very far over the lake, to where someone could jump off of it. The jump looked never ending considering how high up we were. After an hour or so, the day became hazy and overcast. It made the lake look scary and as if it had black water. My mom got frightened by the look of it and suggested we leave. We stayed a while longer because I love overcast days. That was when the school came running out because there was an intruder and they told us to hide in the building. They all left to go back in, but Noel got spooked. She ran around the dock and jumped in the water. It was thunder storming at this point and lightning struck everywhere with high winds. This time it was different, she usually jumps in with all fours trying to cushion her belly flop, but she dove with two of her paws out in front. I didn't think anything of it at first because I could still see her in the water, but my mom said "katie this is not good at all she's going to die she dove in wrong". I then didn't see her and I ran and jumped in after her. My mom screamed at me as I was jumping but I didn't even think to turn back because I was saving my dog that I've raised. Lightning struck as I hit the water and I felt a bit of a jolt, but I was deep down in the water so there was nothing I could do. I noticed when I was in the water, may sound stupid, but the piano part in the new rap song "Drowning" was playing loudly. Not any other part of the song, just the piano. And I was searching for Noel, but I started running out of breath. I was trying to surface, but then I saw her to the left of me with a ray of light shining next to her. I swam to her as fast as I could. I pulled her up and onto the lower deck. She was unresponsive and her eyes rolled back into her head. I did everything I could. I gave her chest compressions until I was so tired I almost passed out. My adrenaline was pumping too hard for me to pass out and I kept giving her CPR until she finally woke up. She laid her head down on me and rolled her body into my lap. We then rested there for a bit, despite the thunder/lightning storm and the intruder in the school.