My Car is Stolen

Date: 4/21/2019

By oregon

I begin by getting ready for school. My grandpa is taking me and he’s getting impatient. It’s snowing out. I’m hurrying, trying to pack food really quickly. I grab some food and shove it into my bag, including but not limited to plain elliptical buns. Suddenly, I appear at a grocery store wearing an SS uniform. I walk in. There’s a lady surveying the aisles. I sneak behind her, dropping a trail of bread crumbs. Eventually, she turns around and steps on the crumbs. She figures out the someone had been messing with her. She finds me playing with pink slime, making a mold of a dick. A group forms and they tell me I have to check out. When I get to the check out stations, the check out lady looks at me strangely because of my suit. She scans my lettuce and I begin to leave. A neo nazi walks up to me and kindly offers me some “small paper” (notecards) but I reject and get away from him as I don’t want to be associated with or seen as a nazi and I know he thinks I’m a nazi because of my suit. I walk outside and back to my car that my dad gave me. I passed a man saying, “Somebody lost this.” He was holding an origami paper ball filled with shredded bits of paper. I told him I had lost it and snatched it from him, even though it wasn’t mine. I get to my car and see some guys inside of it. I get inside (left back) and set my back pack on my lap. I tell the guy in the driver’s seat that this is my car and he’ll have to get out. He refuses and tells me that this was his car originally and that his dad gave it away without permission. He comes off as really aggressive and I figure the reason his dad took his car away was related to that. There’s also a guy in the passenger’s seat and a guy in the back with me. The guy in the back is less aggressive and seems to be going along with whatever the lead guy is doing but isn’t that into it. He seems to empathize with me. I’m afraid to force him to get out or at least ask him to drop me off at my school so I stay quiet and hope to get on his good side. We drive for a while and we make a stop somewhere (though I forget where it was). When I get back in the car I ask where my back pack it. The guy in the driver’s seat takes it from the front and throws it back at me. Later we make a stop at the guy’s school. We all get out. I noticed how tall the lead guy is and how big he is. He has short, dirty blond hair. I know that I couldn’t face him off so I refrained from just running back to the car for fear of him catching up. So I went along with what he was doing. He was talking with a guy I hadn’t seen before. We then walk onto the school soccer field. There were no bleachers. It was completely out in the open. There are clear dividers hanging from the sky to separate groups of students, because they were either parts of different teams or doing different activities. I was walking through and a little girl notices my suit. She asks me if I’m part of a play and I laugh and say yes. I walk back to my car. The guys who stole it originally were nowhere in sight. I get in and drive back to school. I’m pretty late and that makes me nervous. I’m also nervous about walking into school in an SS suit. I cover up the front and walk to my locker, as I remember I had a spare school uniform in there. I change and walk to student services so I could report myself as late. I told the teacher what happened and she told me the boys just got arrested. Instead of sending me to my third period class, US History, she sent me to this United Nations meeting so I wouldn’t interrupt class. Everybody there had a nation except for me, because I was originally not even supposed to be there. My history teacher was invited so he sat down next to me. I was nervous because I thought he might get mad at me for not being in class. Instead, he got bored and left, making the leader of the league sad. I felt bad for her.