Dancing Curtain Contest

Date: 2/3/2017

By Helenvetica

I remember a big, gymnasium looking room, with white walls and a polished wooden floor. There were at least four giant silky, purple curtains rigged up by rings or hooks on the ceiling, hanging down mere inches from the floor. Each curtain had a team of one to four people stationed at it, and music was playing. It was the team's job to work together, all gripping the curtain and manipulating it to make it dance. I don't remember if I was part of the contest or what, but I couldn't help but jump in. Gripping the curtain by its' corners, I helped make the curtain wave, twist, and billow to the song that was playing. The music sounded sort of latin-ish. Near the end of the song, I got up, wanting to give someone else on the team a turn. I don't remember much after that besides everyone standing up in time to the music, ending their performance.