Photos and Prison

Date: 4/16/2017

By Cj

I had a good camera and was taking pictures of people in this living room. It started off as me wanting to photograph this Santa. Before the people who looked like Mr. and Mrs. Clause came, many different creatures stepped into my studio". Some, if not all, of them were monsters; I remember one who was particularly beautiful, perhaps with a lightless black body, tall height, and arms that hung down to the ankles of its thin, long legs. I don't think it had a face. The "Clauses" came in, and I realized that I had just made a mess of the room by looking for something in boxes. I cleared the things out of the way and moved the cushioned chair and plastic Christmas tree closer, but Mrs. Clause didn't want to be in the photo because she felt she insufficiently looked the part. I accepted this; her quilt-like, thin festive sweater -was- pretty drab. For some minor and questionable reason, the headmistress of my small, old-fashioned Christian gradeschool sent me to prison. I came in on a Sunday, when a prison-wide worship service was happening. It was the only time when males and females were in the same part of the building. All of the women were in extravagant, traditional dresses because it was Sunday. I moved into my cell.