School Day 1

Date: 7/24/2017

By Yoshimi

So today was day 1 for school (term 3). literally felt like gagging about hearing the word school. so period 1 English, next topic is film study we watched a short horror film 'Lights Out' and a trailer for a new movie coming out in November which I obviously don't remember the name of, next was math and got my Geometry test results from last term which I luckily passed and was also the wrong test that my teacher gave my class so I'll end up taking another test on Friday, arghhh!!! Music was boring as usual but with a substitute teacher, science was good, we're starting a new topic ' Planet Earth and beyond ' , also I got my science results for chemistry I got a merit and was 1 point away from getting excellence! Last period was P.E we played Netball with another class... was literally a boring P.E session I haven't had in a long time, and of course I walked home.