Don't Call the Alienbusters ☇

Date: 6/7/2017

By brookethegreat

This one was bonkers. It was like Ghostbusters but with aliens. All the aliens we had captured escaped and they were wandering around our mansion (I guess we had a mansion instead of a firehouse). One of our team members was so disappointed and worn out by this turn of events that he just went upstairs and took a nap. Unfortunately, he was the brains of the operation, so we were struggling trying to round up the aliens without him. Plus we didn't know how to prioritize - which aliens are chill and which ones need to be contained immediately? We stood around discussing that for a bit, and then this creepy witch-looking alien stood right in front of us, looked us right in the eyes, raised her arm up toward where our teammate was sleeping and started magically stealing his energy. Her hand turned white and her fingers turned red and there was this bolt of lightning-looking thing stretching from him to her hand. And her robes were whipping around all dramatically like it was windy. We were like "ah, frick. This is awkward. Should we tell him?" I don't remember how that ended, but at some point later I was at art school having a class discussion about how it was weird to draw body hair on Jesus??