Weird Dreams

Date: 8/6/2019

By maddiebyerly05

I had a dream that my uncle came to live with us and so did my cousin. My cousins name is Mason and Mason was being really nice and helpful. He was helping my carry stuff that I needed to carry. Then the scene shifted and my grandma said something about giving my cigarettes to my mom so I went and told my mom that she said that. The scene shifted again and I was walking down the park near my house and I saw a kid in my grade pretending to fuck his sister to see what people would say. The kids down at the park had also made up their own bull riding game and we're playing it. A few other people were dancing really crazy. Like I could never dance how they were. Then later, Mason and I found an iPhone. We were looking at it and I asked him if I could have it. He said I could but then Mason ended up being Tony and the iPhone belonged to Tony a long time ago. He wanted to look at it because he "missed it." There was also a time sometime in my dreaming that I was at the high school (school hadn't started yet, it was still summer) and I went to the lunch line and it took so long to make my lunch because I got a horrible person that ended up leaving in the middle of making it. And then I got a call on my phone and woke up.