A horrible dream

Date: 7/28/2017

By awalker406

I was in my hotel room, watching the TV that was viewing a living room. A dark shadow figure appear in and walked up to the lens of the camera. Then I was in sea, naked, trying to save Amanda by getting her to the beach. I kept saying random stuff in a different language to her. I carry her to the shore and started CPR straight away, while holding back the emotions. I'm back in my hotel room. The Tv is off but the lights are on. I couldn't move my body, only my eyes; I was paralysed. I notice the chair in the right corner of the room was upside down. When I scan the room again, the chair was in a different position. The lights when out all of a sudden. I started to panic. I could feel a present very close to my face. I could feel someone breathing on my face before my throat started to tighten up. I could feel someone wrapping their hands around my neck and strangle me. I was gasping for air but I couldn't do nothing. I'm back on the beach,on the floor. There are chains around my ankles that leads into the sea, with red marks and cuts around my ankles. Amanda is giving me CPR. I could see the focus in her face, whilst holding back the tears. She stop mid way and put her hand down my throat and pulled out a large black, hissing, snake from inside me. Then it just disappeared out of her hands. Then She started thumbing my chest as hard as she could. "Wake up!" She screams. Finally I reached out and grab her hand. She grab my hand with both of her's puts it close to her chest. Then curls up in a ball and layed her head on my chest. (After I had this dream, I actually woke up, covered in sweat and struggled to get back to sleep)