Accidental Tourist

Date: 5/18/2017

By johna808

I don't drive anymore, I use a bike. However, I sometimes dream about traffic accidents. Maybe this an unresolved anxiety about safety on our streets even though our city has bike lanes almost everywhere. --- Instead of being on a bike in my dream, I was driving. My late wife and her youngest sister was with us. We were headed uphill to our local ski slopes (I don't ski either) but on the way around a blind curve a fella ran out, not in front of me but ran into the side of the car I was driving. Feeling the sense of emergency, I turned back to check on him. He was lying flat in something like the drive area of a gas station. Everyone seemed to know I didn't hit him but he ran into our car. After checking on him and helping him get awake, he seemed okay. He came around, and didn't seem hurt. After being reassured, we left but just went across the street - not wanting to leave the scene. Twice more we saw the same kind of accident happen at the same spot, in slightly different ways with different people. I dunno, maybe I've seen cars swerve into bike lanes too often.