Clowns 🤡🚌

Date: 6/29/2017

By mbear27

Okay this dream is all over the place, but whatever. Enjoy!!! So me and my friends were on a bus. The bus was very old and raggedy. It was pose to be a scary bus ride. The bus had two sets of doors in the front and in the middle of the bus. The ones in the middle stayed open. Some how i ended up sitting in the seat across from the open doors. We across and a row from me was a girl named N (we gonna call her that for now). N is not my friend anymore in real life so it's weird that she was in my dream, but back to the story. A was also sitting near N. The bus started moving then a clown hopped on and ran to the seat in front of me and stared at me and scared me and got off. This happened about x5 times until we got to the movie theatre. I had realized that i left my phone and track spikes (so weird 😂). So i chased down the bus, but couldn't catch it. I was really upset. The movie was done and we had to get back on the bus to head home. This bus was suppose to be normal. I was scared cause my seat was again near the open door. It was dark out and i didn't want to be in the seat alone again, so i invited N and A to sit next to me on the outside so i didn't see the clown. Of course i didn't tell them that's why i invited them though. The bus started moving and i was waiting for the clown to pop up, but instead something grabbed me and pulled me down through the seat and that is when i woke up.