Food log and break up dream

Date: 4/16/2019

By TFaith64

Food log; * mac salad *chicken fingers * fries Dream: More convinced this one wasn’t a food based dream and was more of a feelings based dream. Insecurities and stress mostly play a part in these kind of dreams. To be honest i don’t remember feeling this way yesterday so unsure where it came from. David and i broke up again. (What a shocker) probably the 5th dream i had about this. The breaking up reason this time around was unclear in my memory but we were getting ready for the next step in our relationship but he decided to call it quits there. I had to move out for some reason to the house next door where i would still see the dog go outside. I tried calling him over but my mom yelled at me to stop. Then i remember walking over to momma in law and i was crying my eyes out. I said something like i couldn’t be with anyone else, I poured my heart into this relationship and i don’t want to have a life with anyone else. The last part i remember was driving a car but i was driving with my head down, crying and not paying attention to the road. I stayed in the lanes somehow and only looked up when a cop car passed by. I never got pulled over and i got to where i was going okay.