Black Pearl

Date: 6/17/2017

By TotalChance

I had a dream that my friend was writing a comic and she was putting her friends in it as characters. The comic was poorly drawn, and the dialogue was really cringy, but I wanted to be in the comic so badly. I told her that it was amazing and read all three issues that she had written thus far, insisting that it was the best comic I'd ever read. I suggested to her putting me in the comic. I wanted to be a superhero called Black Pearl. She was hesitant, not wanting to deal with the comic for a bit. She was really tired of everyone wanted to be in the comic. My mission became to get myself in the comic. I did a lot of stuff in the dream in the name of getting in the comic. The dream ended before she started writing the fourth issue, though. So I guess I'll never know if I got in.