Gradma D's Tequila

Date: 8/6/2017

By floatingopera

walking through a boutique after hours but its daylight. Go back several times, walk inside inspect the merchandise. Mostly clothes and jewlery (popups?). Probably. go back with JBK. he wants to be silent as we walk. I feel like he's pulling from my schtick but he also seems sullen- i'm cracking jokes. He exits first from the winding shops, I inspect some more closer Karl Kanni boots for women, wondering wow, all this stuff is just out. When I exit, the alarm sounds. Not troubled by it. Just the white chair in my way. We end up finding a grassy path that leads back to his parents property. I see some very interesting birds behind the fence ( doves with orange-julep coloration, as they cluck around they spread their combs that stretch from their chests to their beaks; the same combs behind their little legs. JBK comments how a victorian abandoned mansion standing on his parents property can serve as another Pop-up. Yes, but then what about the privacy? At the picnic table is Mel, her workers, and a client. John hands her a piece of debris from the building a small rock with cement on it. Happy Birthday Mel. She takes it in stride. They go off somewhere, I'm left with the people at the table, I make jokes. One of the girls reacts to a pun. Then a plot is uncovered. They may have stolen a liquor bottle from Grandma Dolores. It's a black bottle and if it's tequila than it must be grandma Dolores's. BEFORE: 1. there is a game of running with a god sort of like 'The Maxx' and a narration. We gallop down a hillside and plunge into an ocean and then a hand piles on rocks onto me (but i'm also the hand). Maxx-god removes the rocks, finds me and pulls me out. 2. something about a car filter with grandpa Boris for a Saab 6. it seems we left some of the tools inside the box. The inside of the filter is remolded from a porcelain like clay. 3. downhill sledding with no snow. Slow and safe- still fun. 4. smoking up celeste 5. something about going to a show and saying to someone this is not smoke, this is vapor. 6. BLM is there.