Hacked TV 😨

Date: 6/5/2019

By PandaPuff

I was sitting in my bed, watching tv, when all of a sudden it got staticky. I jumped up and walked in front of it to see the static kind of fade, but the screen remained gray. For some reason, slender man was on the screen and I was like HELL NO and ran out to tell my stepmom and dad that something was wrong with my tv. They acted like they couldn't see me. I went back to my room trying to figure out what the fuck I was supposed to do to fix it. The screen cleared but it went to some video chat website with people on the screen. I moved my arms around to see if they could see me and they perfectly mimicked my movements every single time while grinning. Whenever I talked, they'd answer back. I can't remember what was said. Then the screen went to the guide and I saw a tag say "meme boy" and I was like dear god has some teen hacked me? This eerily creepy mans voice kept calling,"Sarah... Sarah..." And I yelled at the tv saying that Sarah wasn't my name and to quit calling me that. The tv came back on to show a woman. She said,"Yes you are. You come from a lineage of witches. I know what it's like for them to suppress you. Come with us." I yelled no, getting pissed off at this point and different voices kept chanting "come with us, come with us" And I woke up from my nap relieved that it wasn't actually happening.