The Strange Case of the Abandoned Cathedral and Random Kitty's Swift Justice Against Me

Date: 6/13/2017

By fluffytree

Monday June 12th 2017 I find myself at work for my midnight shift and relieve my coworker Luke as usual. He says no one's in the building and immediately leaves. We do this thing that we've been doing repeatedly in several dreams I've had now where we take each other's vehicles. Dunno why we do this but somehow in my mind it's a bit more convenient this way. I tend to hate driving his truck to and from home though cos well it's an old big Ford pickup that's loud and hard to handle. In reality he actually drives a much nicer ride than mine that's a car and not an old truck so not sure why I'm even in this jalopy, especially when I can't stand driving big vehicles since I have more blind spots around me compared to when I'm in my little Saturn Ion. So now I'm sitting at work not doing much when I hear an odd noise coming from the nearby church in the back of the building. It's an old Catholic cathedral that's been abandoned since the 80s. But in real life this church is no where near my job and is actually right down the street from where I live. Not sure why it's in the back of my work building but I don't question it in the dream and it seems normal like this is where it's always been. I have this thing in dreams I like to call "Instant Dream Data" or IDD for short. It's information about an area, event or person that is immediately available to me via false memories. I usually never question this information because it feels as real as my own memories. This time it was informing me that there's an alarm on the church that goes off as soon as you enter similar to the one on the 3rd floor at work. We haven't received any codes to deactivate the church so I guess if something happens where we have to go in and investigate we just have to deal with the police showing up or maybe try to call them beforehand to report a false alarm so they don't waste their time. I'm getting more memories now of this place being turned into a high school recently. I open the front door a crack and can see the high school banners and such displaying the basketball mascot which I forget what it was at the moment. I now hear some kinda music coming from within so I have to investigate. The owner would have a fit if I just did nothing and someone was trespassing and ended up doing property damage. So I use my keys to fully unlock the door just to poke my head in and get a better look and listening to. It's dark in here and creepy. Not somewhere I wanna be at all. I make sure not to venture too far so I don't set the alarm off but next thing I know the music I heard before changes tune and starts blaring super loud. It's like if you took a typical sounding alarm and tried making it in a song, albeit a terrible piercing one. No doubt the cops will show up for this one. Great, guess I gotta call and report that nothing seems wrong. I should've gone in and looked around more but I'm so frazzled I forget to and just assume it's nothing afterall. The cops show up pretty quickly as they usually do in my dreams. Hopefully the owner doesn't get billed for this. It's 2 of them, an older black guy with glasses with a thick mustache and who seems like a seasoned vet who's been doing this for over 20 years while his partner looked the opposite. He's younger, white, and probably only been on the force for a year or two. I let them in to explain that it's a false alarm while trying to talk loud enough so they can hear me above the sadistic noise but they still decide to have a look around inside anyway. They get out their flashlights to help navigate through the dark hall and about 10 minutes later they come back with this teen holding a radio. They turn it off and all the noise stops. Sooo I guess the alarm never actually went off then and it was just this kid? Turns out he was squatting for the night and I think he says he wanted to get away from his house for awhile cos his parents had been fighting that night. We all feel sorry for him but still gotta admit what a dumb move it was to start blaring his radio like that if he was trying to stay hidden. I deduce that he heard me about to come in and instead tried distracting me by blasting his "music." Well I suppose it worked though so good on him I guess. I watch as the officers take him away and he looks so sad. They're not arresting him since he didn't do any damage and there's no ill intent anyway which means they'll probably just give him a ride home which is the last place he probably wants to go. Ah well. There's a time skip of several hours and it's now day time. I go check the church area again and the door is still wide open only now with police tape across it like it was some crime scene or something. I figure since there's clearly no alarm and I still have about an hour and a half left til my shift's over this is the best opportunity to explore the place. I love exploring abandoned places and have done so only a few times in real life with one of them ending up with me getting arrested and held in a cell for about 20min, but that's another story. I venture in and the place is an awesome find. I don't see any high school stuff like I did the previous night, only remnants of an old church. There's several doors lining the hall that open up into individual rooms and at the end is a spiraling staircase that leads up somewhere. I take a look at one of the rooms that has a long elegant looking table with very regal red chairs around it. It appears to be some sort of study or perhaps meeting room, likely for the church officers. Old dusty garments are draped over some of them that look to be nun outfits. Rays of sunlight filter through the windows making the place look beautifully ancient. I keep looking around and I swear I hear something coming from upstairs. I'm afraid to go up there though since there's no telling what I'll find. There's another time skip before I can decide though and now I'm about to leave for home since it's apparently the end of my shift. Luke replaces me again and I have to say I am tired of seeing his face (just like in real life) Be nice if it was a cute girl instead of an old man but oh well. I kinda get my wish at this point too because my therapist from like 4 years ago just appears and apparently I'm having a session with her. I always found her kinda attractive and I still think she looks like Zooey Deschanel but aged by 15 years. I can't remember what we talked about but it seems like it was the usual catch up type stuff since it's been years since I've seen her. Anyway, I finally leave and drive Luke's crappy truck home yet again but there's a scene change where I now find myself in some unfamiliar building that looks like some sort of rec center maybe? I dunno, but there's this cat wandering around and I go up to it and pet it. This quickly takes a dark turn and I begin to squeeze its head and neck strangling it. I watch as it struggles to breathe and meows in raspy angry tones. It furiously tries to scratch at me but I somehow dodge the first couple swipes. That's when I figure this is enough and I throw it on the floor about 10ft away so I don't get scratched. I don't feel bad about what I'm doing either, in fact I feel disturbingly curious. When I was a kid in real life I remember I abused my dog on purpose a couple times like some serial killer in the making and used to also love smashing ants, caterpillars, you name it. Yeah I was kinda messed up, but thankfully I'm the opposite as an adult and look down to avoid stepping on things if I can help it and would probably cry if I ever accidentally ran over a squirrel or bird or something. This feeling I have in the dream reminds me of back then but the cat wants nothing but payback now and starts chasing me. I run away thinking he'll give up after a little while but no, it is relentless in its pursuit and won't stop coming for me. I remember thinking how I was just playing around and don't understand why it's THIS mad which is like something I would think as a child now that I think about it. I dunno how long this kept going but it chased me for the rest of the dream until it finally caught up to me and got in a few swipes. I pick it up for some reason trying to restrain it but now I've made the mistake of letting it get that much closer to my face. At this point my panic ends up causing me to wake up.