Apocalypse now

Date: 8/12/2017

By Dungeon-Dude

The zombie apocalypse just happened and the only way to stay safe was within a train cart that you had to periodically drive from station  to station. There was another group of survivors with me. At some point, the zombies grew smart and removed the splitting points on the train tracks, causing the train to derail mid transit. The train was operated by a single lever at the front and back of the train and we crossed the train multiple times trying to keep the doors shut. When the train derailed, we realised that the birds became semi sentient and would hunt us down and infect us. We hid in a very clean family home. In the large bathroom, we decided to kill ourselves by drinking soap. When we did, we found the original family that were committing suicide pretty late in the apocalypse. When it was implied that the zombie outbreak didn't actually happen and that it was all just a metaphor for how we avoid responsibility, one of us ( I think the family dad ) went out and was torn to shreds and we were all pretty glad. Overall, this was pretty orginal. Although I can't remember most of the characters, the scene where the train derailed was very well directed, even if it made little sense. It had multiple fake-outs where I though we might still make it by hopping on the tracks again. Fuck I just remembered we were tf2 characters. And a spy wearing an unusual was out leader. And I think I was also a spy. At some point I pretended to be a snail. Our leader died and I had to keep the group safe and operate the train.