Going to camp

Date: 3/7/2017

By janicesuper3

I can't remember the details, but me and a bunch of other people we going to this camp. I can't remember why or what the camp was, but it was far out of the way but still in nyc. and there was no way to get there except to drive. after miles of nothing, there was a cute town [in the city?] that was like a mix of an old western town plus a strip mall and it was all very modern yet old looking. I saw a subway station, it was the F train but I'd never seen this stop on the MTA map before, and was confused. I told someone next to me that we could make a break for it and escape camp to go back to the city and go home, but the guy in charge on the bus said the subway stop here didn't work and we were stuck. there was a beach across from the strip of shops which was nice as well. we never made it to camp because I woke up.