Healthy poop at friend’s house with new kitten

Date: 10/10/2022

By Purple

I was at Lynn’s house, but it was a different layout and location. She and Rich were in an apartment, with a nice layout and décor. They had only one kid, not two. Kirk was about 4 or 5. They had a new cat. I was going to visit and drop off some pine litter for them to try out. Luckily, there was a PetSmart just outside the train station. I bumped into my friend at the station and asked, at the last minute, if our plans were still to hang out. Except this person wasn’t Lynn anymore, but was a different person I used to work with at the jewelry company. She said yes. We walked to PetSmart together and then to her place. My friend turned back to Lynn. The cat tree just had spokes added to it for the cat to climb. The spokes were spiked and hurt to the touch, but the kitten seemed to take to them immediately and climbed right up to the top. The little boy turned out to be about 3 years old and wasn’t talking yet. We were looking at the cat and I tried tricking the boy into saying something. He finally said his first word, then a few words and then a complete sentence. I was happy to see his immediate progress! We were to head out shortly. I had to use the bathroom. I couldn’t poop, though felt the need. Suddenly my friend’s face appeared through the wall, where there wasn’t even a mirror, just a wall. How did she do that? She asked what was I looking at. I saw two pieces of art in the bathroom and was wondering what perspective they were taken from. I realized they were sculpted pieces of my friend, but now she’s a third person, and I don’t recall who she was. But she had the personality of Lynn, so it still felt like Lynn. I said I was trying to get comfortable to poop, then I found a way to lift my legs. Poop came out immediately and extremely healthy. I was grateful beyond belief. After washing my hands, I noticed I was wearing her sweater and got the bottom half sleeves dirty with mud, not poop. I apologized profusely but she said that’s fine and showed how it matched the rest of her outfit. She put it on and it looked like it fit right in with her clothing choice. The four of us headed out: my friend, her hubby, their kid and myself. Dream ends.