Aunty Funmi and trash commotion

Date: 3/29/2017

By taiwo123

I had a dream about Aunty Funmi and seni. Me and keke went to go visit them and everything was fine until I help take out their trash. I just put the trash Next to the trash bin and then this random guy said put the trash in the bin. I told him no that I have so more trash to take out and when I finish talking all of them out I will but I was lying, that was the only trash. The guy tried to block me from leaving as you had to climb down stairs to go to the trash bin and climb up to leave. I gotta past him but he was still chasing me. Two police officers were there and saw this but said we can't do anything unless you come directly to us or he does something to hurt you, even doe they were like 3 feet away. The guy then pull out a taser and shoots at me but I dodged it then the cops tazered him and arrested him. After all that Aunty Funmi said she was going to move and we asked to say goodbye to seni.