Lost and found !!

Date: 8/11/2017

By laurenl98

And the second one was about me going to this show in SF and I was super excited cuz it's one of my favorite edm producers at the moment so I was fucking psyched like I was so excited in my dream and a couple people from wp were gonna go with me cuz they were in the area and I was like "ok dope!" They weren't my usual rave babes but u know I love bringing friends wherever I go so I invited them and they also had a car so it was a win win for both of us. Anyway I also had a bag packed full of stuff I wanted to bring back to wp with me so I guess I was gonna just go straight to the airport after the show so I just brought the backpack with me to the venue and before we went in to the club they were performing at, we stopped off at this one place I have been to before in my dreams. It's basically a very long hallway with tall lockers and it's full of homeless people who keep their stuff there because they don't have a home. I have been here before in my dreams but I don't remember what it was for last time.. I think I was there to buy acid for the show this time tho. Anyway we are there and I see one of my old friends from middle school and I was so shocked to see her homeless and sad (I think I saw her because I was thinking about her yesterday; we don't talk but for some reason I just remembered her.) and so I go up and her name is Stacy so I'm like "Stacy what happened are you ok??" And turns out she is a heroin addict and she uses this weird new drug which was like made out of bananas (lol I swear my brain is the weirdest place ever) and so she shoots herself up with this new weird banana drug and she asks me if I wanna try but I am not about to try something this heroin girl is hooked on so I take it with me to go and idk I am a collector (read: hoarder) so I just have random shit like banana drugs and I put it in the backpack I had with me. So Stacy and I are talking and the other wp people who are going to the show with me are all there and we are ready (the venue is walking distance from the locker place with homeless drug dealers) and so I pull out my dads wallet which I stole and give Stacy $100 because she is MY HOMELESS FRIEND and anything I can do to help her is good and she tried to put it in her wallet but then she realizes she lost it and runs away to go look for it. So it is just the original group going to the show and then when we get there the venue is not crowded but it's a small place and it's connected to a consignment store and so I have my big backpack with me of all my stuff and the people there look 30-40 years old which I thought was weird but I figured we just got there too early. I am dressed in my purple sleeping t shirt (remember that for later) and just chilling waiting for the group to arrive and then all of a sudden the other people with me in my group start getting all nervous and looking around all paranoid. I assumed it was just that they took some weird drugs and that's why they are paranoid so I don't mind and I'm just waiting there for GWN to get up and start playing music but then all of a sudden I look down and I'm in ACU's and so are my group friends and a bunch of cadets walk into the venue in normal clothes and all of a sudden I'm very out of place. The other ppl in my group are also in acu's and they run away because they don't want to be seen at this show and I don't run with them which is bad because they are my ride and I don't have a car so I hide into the consignment store next door and try to steal some clothes and hide my acu's in that backpack but acu's are heavy so I have a bigass backpack full of all my shit and I'm in some 1800's prairie girl outfit but I realize the venue is the wrong place and I have to get up a hill to go to the right place to see the show. So I leave, but with no car and a heavy bag idk what to do cuz I'm also lost. SO THEN. I meet this girl who is also trying to go to the concert and I stop her and she is very nice to me and says we will make it there together and she helps me get there and when we reached the top of the hill i woke up again because of my alarm