Sarasota Orchestra/Greek god Pan

Date: 7/29/2019

By Purplewolfy

I had a dream where a few of the sarasota orchestra kids I play with where in a room together with the boss. All of the kids parents where in the room too. Allison (the boss) had this active board and we where dissgusing our school grades. Then I think all of the kids aged into around 18 year olds and Allison was asking us to come up and write down our usernames and passwords that we used for school on a peice of paper. It was my turn to come up and when I did I couldnt see the paper because my right eye was closed tight. I tried prying my eye open but then I woke up and the right side of my face was shoved into my pillow. I mustve fallen asleep again because I had another dream. This dream was based around the Percy Jackson series I'm reading. A girl, a boy, and I where trying to find the Greek god of the wild, Pan. All of a sudden, Dionysus, the wine god, appeared in front of us and I think he teleported us to Pan's house.Then he disappeared. All three of us where in a bedroom together, but then I left to do something (I dont remember) then I went back into the room and the girl quickly got out from under the boy. I pretened not to know what they where trying to do, I grabbed something, then walked out of the bedroom. After closing the door I heard moaning and banging noises. After a while the setting changed and the boy, the girl, and I where walking down a path. The boy had wine and was poring us all two huge glass fulls. I only got through half a glass before I became drunk. Soon we all walked into this house with only one room. Then, once we all sat down, I finished my wine and passed out. Then I woke up with my face still pressed into my pillow.