Old Dream

Date: 7/31/2017

By katelyn586

First, it started out as I was flying on an eagle's back over this grave yard. As we were flying over I seen this concrete building with like jail bars on the two long sides of the building. I also noticed the concrete building had a tree beside of it with no leaves on it. I am unsure whether this had to do with the time of year or something else. Anyways as the eagle and I flew over it the dream switch to where I was inside the concrete building. I found out the concrete building was separated on the inside with bars too. I started looking outside to see if there was anyone to help me out. I noticed I had a ring on my ring finger which confused me in the dream. Then I heard a man say my name. I seen a dark figure in the corner of the other side of the building. As he came into the light and reached out for me I seen a piece of his skin fall off of him. I started to scream and try to get away from him. I was so glad there were bars between us. Then he said," hey calm down. I know this sounds crazy, but I am your husband and they killed me, the people who put you in here. When they hit you in the head you got amnesia so you obviously don't remember things. Listen they have our baby so you need to save our baby." Then I start freaking out more. Then the dream switches to me walking down my preschool hallway. At the end of the hallway is my high school choir teacher standing at the end of the hallway. Once I got closer she said," what is wrong? I know something has been wrong so don't tell me it isn't." I started to say something then she said," hold on let me go get some more papers to hang up." When she went inside I ran on down the hall, around the corner, and I was stand on this river bank. I seen stones that you could step on leading out into the middle of the river. So I started jumping until I got to the very last stone in the middle of the river and there was a baby in the water. I started freaking out trying to get it and when I brought it up out of the water it started screaming and crying. Then I woke up thinking I was holding a real baby.