Awake & Hearing Voices/Car Wreck

Date: 2/21/2017

By ace200

Alright, I could not sleep last night. I did for a little then woke back up, tossing and turning. I was too exhausted to do anything, even lifting my head was hard, but my mind was too busy for me to fall asleep. So, at around 2 AM, I started hearing things as I was awake. It was my sister, she was yelling my name. "Ally, ally, ally, ally," over and over. Her room is across from mine, so I believed she was actually calling me. I think I was too tired not to believe it. At the same time, I knew I had soft music playing in my earbuds, but did not have them in. I thought I heard my sister calling me to turn up the music so she could hear it. I am not positive, but I think I actually turned it up two bars on my phone, but she kept calling my name. Still awake, I heard footsteps or shuffling going down the hall. I figured it was my mom trying to discover what the yelling was. My sister would not stop calling my name. "Ally, ally, ally!" The shuffling started coming towards my door and I wondered if it wasn't my mom. I remember, awake, actually whimpering and hiding under my covers because I thought this was all real. I think this scared me so bad that I became more alert and the yelling stopped. I realized this was stupid and peeked out from under the covers to see and hear nothing. So I eventually fell asleep, a bit freaked out. I dreamt I was driving my friend's mom's minivan (I just got my permit). It was nighttime and I was going down my street. It may have been snowing. I accidentally drove into my driveway sideways and hit my mom's car. So I damaged two cars that weren't mine at once. My friend's mom was okay about it and blamed herself for letting me drive. She was a bit teary eyed. My mom freaked and yelled at me nonstop, I told I was sorry. I remember being very scared to tell her as I sat in the downstairs hallway.