Pitching for the Giants

Date: 7/1/2017

By sk8rcruz

All black and white. I was the pitcher for the Giants and we were winning every game in a series. I was the only woman on the team. For some reason I made some bumbly mistake in every pitch I was involved in, but apparently other than the pitches I remember, I was golden. Really I dropped the ball and let it roll right past me a couple times. Really bad. But the guys all said "that's ok" "no problem" "we got your back" whenever I flubbed. Nonetheless we kicked ass every game and ended up winning. I called my mom and said "hey did you see the game? Yeah. Well that was me pitching. No big deal." I called my dad, too. I watched part of a game on TV at a bar and I was striking everyone out. No one in the bar knew that was me. I felt pleasantly smug.