Evil man in power

Date: 7/31/2017

By lilacsilverbloom

Evil man is gaining control & power, kinda like a Voldemort figure. The city is planning for war. My friend has a baby girl I take care of. A lot of people have already died. Before that it was a close knit community where me & sara would hang out. Some people joined him. A little boy died because he was injured in the stomach & the bleeding was being held but once the bandage came off he would die so the doctor had to do it & i watched. we all had to run a lot & I carried a little boy with me while I ran on the last night before the big battle. In the morning I sneak out & find a dad & son who convince me & 2 tween girls to hide in a playground. We realize it's conspicuous so we get down, defeated, & go back to our houses. Some guy comes up to us & tells us that the other side is relenting but I don't believe him