Moar Zombies

Date: 8/22/2019

By Chalupa98

At the end of a "real life" FPS match, like call of duty, you keep your weapon and a bunch of zombies are released onto the map. Myself and some friends were able to get out of the map and climb on top of some dumpsters and pretty much mow down the zombies with RPGs, ARs, and grenades. The dream switched to where I was in a really large classroom trying to take notes. The teacher was going way too fast and I couldn't keep up. I was going to ask him to go back a few slides but I noticed everyone else was able to keep was just me being too slow. I finally worked up the courage to raise my hand, but before he could call on my he told a all to go outside and he started throwing snowballs at us so we just had a big snowball fight. The dream switched again to playing volleyball in snow against my family, but we were all wearing bikinis in the super cold weather. My sister told me to put gloves on when I went to serve, so I did...and the gloves totally messed me up. Someone recorded my terrible serve with the gloves on and my sister told me that after the match. I freaked out and said there is no way I will allow that to circulate on the internet. The guy that recorded it drove away so I texted him to please take it off his snapchat story.