Date: 1/26/2017

By sreesha

I was out with a group of friends..a vacation I think..and we were just sitting outside our camp on a hill and then suddenly I realised my crush from college was there too and he and I got into some argument n i went and shut myself up in one of the tents..suddenly it seemed like there was a forest around us..and I saw from a window some men nearby..looking into the tent..staring at my bare legs..then someone tried to get in..I began to run and he was chasing me..but we were in a building or a community..N there were many alleys n corridors and I somehow reached a classroom where I told the teacher I was being chased and asked if I could hide in the toilet..later someone entered the toilet and thinking he was one of the other attackers I hit him n was fighting him when the main guy saw us..I realised I was fighting the wrong guy but I was too late..suddenly my mother appeared and somehow she was connected to all this and I started hitting her cuz she had sent the guy to kidnap me or whatever..then I woke up