Horrible Nightmares about not having a home

Date: 8/18/2017

By nicolesal

I was perched on top of a train which felt unsafe and like it was going in the wrong direction. So I got off and then was lost, on flights to London. There was a scene with Patch kids and I was in a strange and dangerous rocket tube shooting by them. Then I couldn't go home, my home was no more and the closest I could get was the room of Debbie's house where I imagined I'd lived for 6 months. I was very stressed about trying to earn money and then Matilda and Dad were there lecturing me about buying tissues regularly. I felt incompetent and misunderstood. I believed I was mentally ill again and Matilda was telling me I would be ok. They left and I realised I was with someone else and that I didn't have to pay rent for a year. I still didn't really like where I was living and missed my house.