Test in the bright place, running

Date: 5/24/2017

By anonymous­čÉ▒

I was taking a test and it was a lot like that Romeo and Juliet study guide where it was a lot of questions and writing. I remember my backpack was to my left and had a lot of mints and convenient things in it. And there were sight blockers like the ones waaay back in 3rd grade or so, and the test was important but I was super rushed, it was an impossibly massive amount of questions for the time. But everyone else seemed to be fine when we discussed in what felt like a snack break. For the break, we got up and walked forwards to out of the class and into a sunny area. Some more setting; the classroom had an all window front in which very bright and yellowish sunny light came through. Outside the classroom was a strip of grass and across from that was a very long (almost infinite but only to the right, left may have only been a few) row of buildings that were flat on he front and not very tall, bc the sunlight had to be able to reach. All the people in class with me were in desks that were lined up facing the front window(s) in vertical rows. I remember to my left there was a red or blue divider, and that maybe I was talking out loud and expecting an answer from someone but receiving none. Also in this same dream I think, I was racing Elizabeth and JJ to a short square shadowy building/structure, and I remember hoping and believing I'd beat them to it but I could barely move, or I think that I was running very hard but not moving closer at all (or just very slowly). Elizabeth beat me to it and I remember her looking back and smiling at me, and she was wearing a flower kind of dress and still had her long hair. JJ wasn't there so much that I just thought she was there and behind us, I barely remember seeing her, and she was way behind us in racing there, which would probably be opposite of real life seeing as she's in cross country and all that. So much sunshine in this dream! Closest I was to lucidity, probably the running but couldn't move part. It didn't cross my mind that it meant I was dreaming, but it is important that it's definitely a dream sign for me bc it happens all the time. In dreams when I run, I feel like I'm going nowhere, trapped, and I'm powerless. Also in dreams it seems like I usually have a strong goal I feel like I desperately need to reach. In real life when I run, I feel powerful, fast, and free. Still haven't had a lucid dream yet but I think that I'm getting closer! An important concept for me is that I need to think about my dream immediately before I even open my eyes, and then what I remember is about 10 times better.