??? and In the Car

Date: 8/25/2017

By Vocalist2D

I don't remember anything except the ending of this dream, the only thing I can remember about the first part of it was it was very odd. Almost like living in a different life. The dream seems to cut out for a few minutes afterwards. After this cut, I am with my parents in the car at some sort of place we are visiting. I have a cone in one hand from the other mysterious world. My parents give me an ice-cream, too. I quickly eat up the cone and put the ice-cream under the seat. (Bad idea, yeah) My parents begin talking to me before we get out the car about my niece and then sternly say to me 'We've been keeping a good eye on everyone's search history' and I nod at them since he is meaning what anyone searched on his phone. The dream fades out here.