Stoner Amusement Park

Date: 4/22/2017

By linabat10

It was a huge park and it was pretty much an amusement park for stoners. i had a huge apartment with my boyfriend (it was like a hotel but bigger) and across the street there was this building that was a buffet. This buffet had delicious food, and had editables, syringe of editable dabs (for food or just to eat like that) and they let you have a takeout box so I grabbed a bunch of shit.(lol) then I go back to my table and my best freakin friend is just chilling so I hook her up with some food. I go back to my room to show my bf what goodies I got and went to the potty real fast. I come back and half the foods gone im about to go ape shit cause wth. So he pulls out the huge brownie editable and that calmed me down. I also stole medical cards from the buffet place 😋 then my twin sister was there she was avoiding the buffet guy cause he had a crush on her lmao. Unfortunately I woke up before I could go on any of the rides 😩 so ill keep you guys updated on stoners paradise. Haha